About Us

ABOUT GLOBAL SOLUTIONSOur focus is the human capital arena with pillars in staffing, talent acquisition, search, consulting, and outsourcing.

Global Solutions is part of the STRIVRE Group of Companies focusing on what we call the three P’s: People (recruitment), Performance (coaching and advisory), and Products (our commercial analytics software).

We were launched in the UK in the 1990’s as one of the founding companies that consult to the human capital industry. From our UK origins, we went on an ambitious expansion drive that saw us launch the offering in 8 physical locations.

Today, our business is centred around four core pillars:

  1. The placement of recruitment professionals into the human capital industry,
  2. Advisory and build of talent acquisition teams supported by a 360 degree consulting solution,
  3. The introduction of our commercial analytics software MEASURE designed to optimise teams and give stakeholders visibility of their operations; and
  4. Supporting recruitment entrepreneurs in building their own agency.

Recruitment is the backbone of our Global Solutions business. We now have 6,000 placements under our belt and recruitment is still a core focus in our business.

We recruit into HR and sales organisations with a crystalised focus on outsourcing companies, talent acquisition teams, recruitment agencies and sales teams. We maintain a c. 100 strong tightly held stable of clients. About half of these we have helped launch from scratch, we work directly with stakeholders and in all cases have deep insight into their culture, platform and offering. It is these critical elements that we seek to convey to our candidate community.