What We Do


WHAT WE DORecruitment

Placements are still a passion and core pillar of the Global Solutions business. We have an enviable community of c. 200,000 contacts around the world. A tightly held and cherished client list of about 100 firms of which c. half we have helped to launch from scratch and most of these have been relationships we have held for a decade plus.

The client list is deliberately extensive and sits across key areas within Human capital : staffing, search, agency, Talent Acquisition, Outsourcing and recruitment services. We offer a highly proactive advisory based model which over the years has bred much loyalty, trust, referrals and repeat business from clients and candidates.

Talent Acquisition

Insourcing is a hot word in the past decade. Low barriers to entry to data and a desire to gain control of recruitment processes had led many firms to try to bring these teams in house.

With two decades of working with TA teams around the world, we are reputedly told by stakeholders that they are left wanting more.

Our operational team has built and consulted with many TA teams, we offer a third party advisory solution that gives stakeholders visibility of your processes with an ongoing audit of productivity, coaching and organisational development.

Underpinning this offering we prefer to implement our commercial analytics software giving all parties helicopter view and drill down visibility of performance and ROI.

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WHAT WE DOStart Your Own Business

Over the years the traditional recruitment placement offering has led us naturally to a further suite of add on solutions. Within Global Solutions, we have a private equity fund designed to invest in our contacts who are interested in launching their own recruitment business.

Seed Capital / Venture Capital

Within Global Solutions, we have a private equity fund designed to invest in senior contacts who are interested in launching their own recruitment business.

What's in it for you

  1. Access to fully integrated back office, marketing, dedicated admin, operations team, a suite of CRMs, access to our analytics software, and finance.
  2. Coaching, solidarity and mentoring. Work with proven recruitment entrepreneurs who have launched and scaled their own agency.
  3. The number one challenge in any recruitment business is finding good people. Enjoy access to our global solutions network and access to a cherished community of talented recruiters.
  4. Funding. You won’t have to invest your life savings.
  5. Roll your brand out across our existing international platform.
  6. Enjoy access to a quality stable of professionals ; Lawyers, Accountants etc. A; tried and proven.
  7. Create value in your business. As a singular unit recruitment agencies have limited or no value. As part of a collective group the value grows exponentially.
  8. Be part of a group that has weathered the storms. We are a quarter of a century in business. Collaborate to build a business you are proud of, make a difference, build significant value and make life changing money.

We have built 13 Brand’s from scratch, the set up launch and scale is a well-documented process for us and we enjoy nothing more than doing it with committed partners passionate about building their business.


HOW WE DO ITPerformance Analytics

After a quarter century of observation of the sales and recruitment industry, we found there are many common themes. One of them being poor visibility of performance, often excel-based reporting and many people producing data.

In repose to this, we created MEASURE – a fully integrated 360 suite of reports offering stakeholders and users full visibility of productivity.

Our business ethos is based around the identification and optimisation of talent through coaching and performance insight. MEASURE was the perfect complement to this. Designed to be fully customisable, deployed in any language and integrated into any data point measure is a one stop reporting tool that underpins the team activity of our clients.

We have curated some simple visuals but we would love to show you more so for a demo please visit OurMeasure