How We Do It

We are big believers that team mates all bring to the table different ingredients.


At Global Solutions the core of our methodology is built around research. Dispersing it amongst it our teams, organising it intelligently and having it at our fingertips through A grade technology.

You make a lot of mistakes in sixteen years and we like to think over time we have built a research and execution platform that bolts together the components of delivery to create a powerful, well oiled machine that harnesses the strength of our 210,000 strong database providing our global teams with up to date market intelligence, maintaining a firm grip on the market maps.

We operate a three tier research structure ; firstly we massage information, we ensure it’s up to date and refreshed regularly rotating an active tracking list of 84,000 candidates globally on a three monthly basis, this information is pumped through to on the ground execution teams who work alongside client partners.